By getting courage in gear and avoiding fear, America can shine through to Freedom again.  Lining up the defenses takes time but it is worth the investment of every dime.  Sitting outside the game is no plan at all and will eventually erode into utter chaos the very principles this great country was founded upon. […]

A Remarkable Comeback!

By being creative Americans can take back lost ground and succeed once again.  The idea is to launch and maintain with full satisfaction of completing the tasks at hand.  True imagination can be triggered through sheer determination and a moral fearlessness compiled with a sense of accomplishment found only in the heart of one’s destiny. […]


The swift current needs to take over this country and get it in order again.  It has drifted far into something never intended.  We need to train our children for the circumstances of tomorrow while protecting our borders.  The secuity level needs to be raised high and no doubt selecting the few to enter here. […]

Imagine the Ride

The future is always uncertain but it certainly helps to have a positive direction in which one can rely upon.  Just like steering a good running car it takes careful attention to detail to put that car in just the right place at the right time.  Sometimes there is an obsticle in the way and […]


When answers are few and questions are many we have to seek higher ground.  When compromise seems inevitable there must be a way made for minds to meet.  Differences get pushed aside in order to maintain the mainstream of things or to keep the flow.  It seems simple until individuals “think” they have the answer […]

American Diplomacy

When we negotiate it is not to loose but to win. Sometimes in the process we must compromise in order to obtain the prize. The ambition must be founded in good moral truth because if it is faulty then it will erode over time and expose what never should normally be seen. The object of […]

The Turning Point

America needs to get up and not die.  She is laying in a bed of debt that wants to suffocate her but she’s got the power within to get up and get going again.  She cannot allow anything to stop her.  As Americans we need to be industrious again and on the cutting of everything. […]

Rising Again…

I remember garage sale ling with my parents when I was a kid. It was always a big deal to find something the stores didn’t carry and that was collectible. I enjoyed the adventure of what Dad’s cash would bring. It was a thrill to find those “special” sales in the clothing department when something […]


We have a chance to win.  Everyone has the opportunity but not all will go there.  It sometimes takes extra ordinary strength within and without to make the “play” or “move” in the right direction.  It also takes a lot of training and not all want to invest in that kind of discipline.  Also as […]

Thought Medicine

When we find our niche it is time to make it work. The thought process is progressive in order for others to get along with the program. All of a sudden things begin to work together like a rocket being fueled for take off. The project takes a lot preparation and a continual commitment to […]