The future is always uncertain but it certainly helps to have a positive direction in which one can rely upon.  Just like steering a good running car it takes careful attention to detail to put that car in just the right place at the right time.  Sometimes there is an obsticle in the way and an immediate corrective action is needed with the hope of a justified outcome.  The course must take you to the determined destination with ease and care… that’s just what is expected when the American people go to vote.  They are placing a decion in a “box” to determine a destination in which they hope will be reached but the politican has already gotten out of the car and left – holding the keys!  What!  We’ve been robbed.  No, that person just got greedy and stole away with every benefit he could leaving behind a lot of good sense.  The American people deserve better – a real leader who can drive, without stopping, get to the destination safely and lead with percision.