Finding the “Fight”

Like thunder, we get a flash of brilliance.  However, to keep that brilliance we have to find a way to be unafraid of the thunder and to expect rain along the way.  In other words, we have to have an umbrella of preparedness.  When poverty enslaves us and we find ourselves without that American “job” […]

Holding Hands Forever

Inspiration is a funny friend to have.  I trust in inspiration a lot and victory comes shining right on through.  The truth is strength can be built up with character sitting nearby as well.  It takes both character and inspiration to make determination an option.  In my personal opinion, though, a lot of folks out […]

Continuing in Freedom

America needs to get back to her first love of independence, liberty, and freedom for all.  She needs to stand up to the bully in the hall.  She needs to grow up strong and brave.  She needs never to look back but forward to economic recovery.  It is her turn to be number one again […]


Fate is on good terms with destiny in the dictionary.  The words are interchangeable really.  However, I feel that fate is a little more “secure” or “determined” to come about.  When we grow up into adulthood that’s when we begin to enter fate’s doors.  There is more room for error the younger you are but […]

Keep Scanning the Sky

So many folks don’t encourage dreams but I do.  I’ve seen my own just happen.  Yea, it takes time and sometimes it means doing something out of the ordinary to make it come to pass.  However, that’s the stuff dreams are made of – true determination as you say to yourself,  “No matter what I […]